Music journalism

I used to be a music journalist. Still listen to the music and love going out, just set down the pen for the time being.

I focus on electronic music. The genres and subgenres I cover range – I love everything – and include: techno, dubstep, drum n bass, jungle, house, electro house, breakbeat, broken beat, tech house, UK funky, ghetto funk, blog house,  bass heavy music, hardcore, UK garage, electronic – the list goes on.

I’ve never had the opportunity to cover gabba, psy-trance or industrial, but I do like them,  in a strange sort of way. Well, maybe less of psy-trance, but I’ll definitely tolerate it in a festival setting.

Here are some links to music articles I’ve published over the years.

Me and  Berlin DJ tINI at Sonus Festival, 2012. I'd just interviewed her at 12 noon after she'd finished her 6 hour set.

Me and Berlin DJ tINI at Sonus Festival, 2012. I’d just interviewed her after she’d finished her 6 hour set.

BRAP.FM (2012-2013)

TRASHED (2013)

KMAG (2009)



Defunct & offline – electronic music website featuring reviews, interviews, features and news

One of my most popular articles was ‘The Birth of Brighton Rave: A Feature on Positive Soundsystem’. Sadly, I don’t seem to have a copy of it. I wish I’d done more backups!

I found a few articles of my first pieces in an old hard drive – they were awful rambling things. More like a diary of a three-day bender just before the euphoria wears off and the comedown begins. Happy days.

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