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A visit to see friends in Gothenburg on the evening of International Women’s Day sparked off several conversations about feminism and how sad the state of affairs were that we still needed this one-day ‘holiday’.

A reminder that women all around the world were still living with inequality and that the feminism idealism we had grown up believing was still not a reality.

“Happy Inequality Day”, we said jokingly to one another as we clinked glasses.

Then we discussed more seriously, what should we be doing – on this day and throughout the year – and what should men be doing to help.

“Where are the men and why don’t they get involved?”, said one woman when she told us about her attempts to get male friends to come to an International Women’s Day literary reading. They all made excuses. She told us that there was only man in the audience.

So feeling inspired, over dinner, fellow female writers and poets and I wrote this poem.

Men, we think you should get involved and not just hide on International Women’s Day!

In case you are lacking in ideas, we hope this poem will provide some useful suggestions.

What should men do on women’s day: 

The Male-strensual Cycle

By: Amy Zamarripa Solis, Nadja Itäsaari, Evelina Varas and Louise Halvardsson

Bros don the pregnancy suits and red-doused tampons
Watching SATC reruns and drinking Lambrini
In a sharing of feelings and a little cry

Encourage the fight for equal rights
By participating in “female rooms”
encouraging themselves to learn more
about the unseen

Put yourself in shoeless feet
Free yourself from being freed
You were always on top
get on your back
lead yourself through shoeless kind

And cry be outrageous
with your feelings
Put your heart
on the tram tracks
Put tampons in your arsehole
and phone every woman
you’ve ever known
And let her speak
for an hour
Don’t interrupt
your time will always come.