Monthly Archives: August 2018

I’ve never been good with holidays, and this one is no exception.

This week has been my “staycation”, a much needed rewards after finishing a massive contract involving nearly every day of commuting.

Permission to sit around my flat and watch films, instead I am working on my artist film for my current project No Place Like Home.

I’ve been watching Youtube ‘how to’ videos after my film mentor suggested I edit the film myself. My video editing skills are fairly circa 2005. So today I’ve been learning about various new things on Adobe Premiere (and some not new things).

Split screen, photo montage.

Most of the Youtube videos copy one another, which slightly sucks – points on lack of originality for stuff like that.

On the plus side, learned who Ken Burns was (Ken Burns effect) & found this interesting article featuring him on the PBS website, as I didn’t know who he was.

It seems his method of filming using archive photographs is relevant to mine.

What Burns does is go beyond the two-dimensionality of a photograph by going “into its world and to trust that that world had a past and a present,” he said. “And to activate it. And to be the feature filmmaker with a master shot, a wide shot, a medium shot, a close shot, a pan, a tilt, a reveal, inserts of shots.”