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Me and my uncle Frank. Hope he doesn't mind being on my website!

Me and my uncle Frank. Hope he doesn’t mind being on my website!



Perfect tips for my new freelance life!



So, we made it through 2013 in pretty much one piece. Now, to continue the quest to thriving.
As I’m a freelance, self managing artist, I need to have work strategies in place for the fractious haggling of time and energy between the needs of the artist-self and the independent arts business manager/agent-self (she’s a stubborn-jawed entreprenuer <- what the personality my artist-self needs – an innovative somebody who is fearless and on her side in the business realm). Sometimes a cold war exists between them though, nothing gets done and procrastination wins the battle.  Some days I am in the negotiating room for 8 hours just to survive another day, diplomacy sweating and hoarse at the table.

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